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Change the game with automatic identification, real-time tracking and tracing, online route analysis and guidance, object lifecycle tracking, and automated alerts. With high precision real-time positioning for all aspects of logistics and more, Pozitech maximizes your level of control and command.


Digitize processes for increased production efficiency that set the new efficacy standards in production logistics. We digitize the part of industrial production that nobody would - but definitely should!


Stay in the know with Pozitech’s backbone positioning infrastructure and products that make your equipment smart and keep all your records updated for transparent, measurable operations.


Live tracking, monitor equipment and supplies. Improved guidance and safety for people for the highest quality hospital services.


Do you think voice platforms could replace your maître’d? The future will tell. For a smooth experience, Pozitech introduces its exciting technology to improve many processes within the hospitality industry.


Large office buildings and campuses can introduce new, feature rich services while reinforcing security and strengthening safety with Pozitech’s indoor positioning infrastructure.

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