Live tracking, monitor equipment and supplies. Improved guidance and safety for people for the highest quality hospital services.


Where emergency is routine, and assets and resources are valued second to lives and health, no other integrated technology solution is better suited than one that functions seamlessly. Health systems' management is a “hidden" health profession.

Balancing cost, access, and quality in hospitals is a rising challenge. Better efficiency requires optimal use of the resources; this implies inventory management and computerized maintenance systems for medical devices. Processes are reorganized and logistical efforts are reoriented to make healthcare accessible, acceptable, and continuous from the patient’s point of view.

With Pozitech positioning infrastructure in place, automatic indoor and outdoor identification, location, tracking, and controls are available. Pozitech provides an integrated live view of each asset's every move, increasing optimization.


  • Patient guidance and tracking
  • Monitoring healthcare workers' workload and workflow
  • Planning, logging, and securing the use of mobile medical equipment
  • Supply stock-keeping and documentation
  • Specimen identification and tracking

Proposed solution

  • Install passive terminals, handout devices, or smartphone
  • Active unique tags (UWB), handheld devices (RFID readers), a smartphone application (NFC, BLE)

With Pozitech you can

  • Monitor the entire patient navigation with less administration and find the optimal time-to-treatment.
  • Make better staffing decisions and manage human resources with faster response times as an additional benefit.
  • Protect valuable equipment and optimize its use.
  • Speed up stock management to keep pace with requests, stay up-to-date with the inventory of supplies and consumables, automate procurement, and reduce costs.
  • Establish a higher level of quality for clinical laboratory services with automated documentation and monitoring specimen navigation.

Valuable & Useful for


Maintenance & Operations

Workflow planning


Environmental Health & Safety

Human resources

Features and benefits

Accurate real-time tracking and indoor navigation saves time and ensuring safety.

Advanced access control functionalities by combining real-time position information with access rights, warning, and alerting in case of breach.

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