Do you think voice platforms could replace your maître’d? The future will tell. For a smooth experience, Pozitech introduces its exciting technology to improve many processes within the hospitality industry.

Humans in the hospitality industry won’t be fully replaced - however, managing everyday, mundane tasks in a smarter way builds a more efficient and consumer-friendly model without heightening privacy and security.

Pozitech’s positioning infrastructure enables automatic indoor and outdoor identification, location, and guest and staff tracking, as well as providing live information on the availability of supplies and amenities.


  1. Guest tracking and advanced access control 
  2. Social distancing and contact tracing
  3. Supplies and delivery 
  4. Housekeeping and maintenance 
  5. Laundry services 
  6. Shuttle services
  7. Amenities 
  8. Minibar 
  9. Room service 

Proposed solution

  1. Active tag, motion sensor
  2. Active tag
  3. Active tag, handheld devices (barcode/RFID readers), a smartphone application
  4. Active tag, handheld devices (barcode/RFID readers), a smartphone application
  5. RFID Smart Cart, RFID Thin Tag
  6. Active tag, touchscreen terminal, a smartphone application
  7. RFID Smart Cart, RFID Thin Tag
  8. RFID sticker on all items
  9. Integration with delivery robots

With Pozitech you can

  • Identify and continuously track your guests offering keyless room entry and seamless admission to other facilities such as garages, gyms, pools or meeting rooms. Presence is detected as well, so rooms' appliances can be controlled according to guest preferences, and services are delivered likewise.
  • Promote social distancing with a visual or sound warning to tag wearers when they get too close.
  • Proximity events are logged for contact tracing purposes.
  • Establish a state-of-the art parcel post registration service and foolproof lockers with lightning-fast identification and location.
  • Automatically charge for services and consumption, including the minibar; meanwhile the anti-theft functionality keeps amenities safe with all movements detected by the system.
  • Receive service notifications by sensing the change in content or location of assets like teacarts, and fully automate laundry services, including textile sorting.

Valuable & Useful for


Maintenance & Operations

Workflow planning


Environmental Health & Safety

Human resources

Features and benefits

Accurate real-time tracking and indoor navigation saves time and ensuring safety.

Advanced access control functionalities by combining real-time position information with access rights, warning, and alerting in case of breach.

Applications built on our innovative real-time location infrastructure and our products come with two-way data communication capabilities which adds controlling features that can be used imaginatively.

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The Pozi SmarTag is a compact, easy-to-carry, battery-powered device that incorporates Pozi’s patented Ultra Wide Band technology. To suit various operations and environments, Bluetooth, RFID, or other technologies are also used when necessary.


The Pozi SmarTray system is a smart storage solution which integrates identification and positioning, making material handling processes transparent and open to optimization. Pozi SmarTray is applicable for intralogistics, warehousing, and order picking.

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