Large office buildings and campuses can introduce new, feature rich services while reinforcing security and strengthening safety with Pozitech’s indoor positioning infrastructure.

Pozitech’s real-time locating system (RTLS) can track all people (guests and personnel)  inside the office building with high accuracy (around 2 ft) and low latency. Based on position information collected, the system is not only able to accurately track and trace the paths taken by people, but it also provides detailed analytics and advanced functionalities to support local networking activities and safety measures as well.

Once the infrastructure is in place, Tags can be handed over at check-in and connected with the wearer for the time of the visit; the Tags are returned, disinfected, recharged, and readied for the next visitor. ID’s and Tags do not carry or process any personal information, the wearer has no interaction with them.


  • Personnel tracking
  • Social distancing
  • Advanced access control
  • Resource monitoring
  • Navigation and guidance

Proposed solution

  • Installed passive terminals, handout devices, or a smartphone application
  • Active unique tags (UWB), handheld devices (RFID readers), a smartphone application (NFC, BLE)

With Pozitech you can

Activate the navigation function on a mobile device (a tablet or smartphone) so visitors, employees, or staff members receive mapped navigation that guides them to any facility, or even to another individual wearing an active Tag.

Use historical records, to see a list of individuals (UWB Tag IDs) who were co-located with others (UWB Tag ID) for a given length of time within a given distance. In special situations, the optional functions available on the UWB Tags can warn wearers if they are closer to each other and/or spending more time within a given range than advised. These warnings can also be forwarded to the appropriate handlers and recorded by the Server for statistical analysis.

Display and monitor the availability of resources (conference rooms, printers, recreation areas, etc.). Using the real-time occupation information of these resources might reduce the occasional roaming inside the building. Also, the system can summarize the utilization of different resources with the applicable statistics.

Valuable & Useful for


Maintenance & Operations

Workflow planning


Environmental Health & Safety

Human resources

Features and benefits

Accurate real-time tracking and indoor navigation saves time and ensuring safety.

Advanced access control functionalities by combining real-time position information with access rights, warning, and alerting in case of breach.

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