Stay in the know with Pozitech’s backbone positioning infrastructure and products that make your equipment smart to give a live feed of stock changes, inventory status and usage condition. Even if myriads of items are to be handled, all your records are updated instantly for transparent and measurable operations.

Pozi Technologies’ industry-grade indoor positioning and identification system is an intelligent, versatile intralogistics super-tool that will integrate with WMSes and significantly increases the efficiency of  any warehouse,  while  reducing  costs  and  increasing operational safety.

Pozitech  automatically  gathers  detailed  real-time  tracking  information  about  the  position  and movement of all items. In  warehouses  Pozitech  provides easy  and  thoroughly  accurate  data  of  the  entire  logistics process, and leads to increased storage space utilization.

Pozitech thoroughly digitizes and provides both transparent and measurable metrics of the entire warehouse operation.


Warehouses often face problems that result in higher costs, slower processes, or higher inventory discrepancies:

  • planning and controlling functions have limited direct information and no real-time feedback about processes
  • inventory items are often misplaced

Proposed solution

Pozitech automatically tracks any given object in real-time, providing an integrated answer to the different aspects of material handling and warehouse-automation challenges:

  • all items and articles are automatically tracked, using the technology most suitable for the respective environment
  • a sophisticated reporting and tracking system gives real-time information on item or vehicle positions
  • every process, path, or movement of tracked objects is precisely documented, yielding valuable data for process planning, quality management, and inventory tracking

With Pozitech you can

...tell where in the warehouse a part or stock item is

  • warehouse shelf location
  • transport equipment

...assign a task remotely to the part handler and track it in real time

  • position (physical and logical)
  • task (route, delivery point)
  • item (automatically registered when moved)

...monitor the entire process by track-and-tracing products, equipment or containers during

  • warehousing and picking
  • delivery

Valuable & Useful for


Production Control

Maintenance & Operations

Process Planning


Quality Assurance

Environmental Health & Safety

Features & Benefits

  • automated inventory management and tracking
  • layout planning and simulation
  • automated FIFO/LIFO picking
  • Intelligent routing for placement and collection
  • over 99.97% inventory accuracy
  • up to 30% higher space utilization
  • significantly faster stock-checking (hours vs. days)
  • quicker and more accurate placement and delivery


Related products


The Pozi SmarTrack industry-grade indoor positioning and identification system is an intelligent, versatile, intralogistics supertool that significantly increases the efficiency of any manufacturing operation or warehouse, while reducing costs and increasing operational safety.


The Pozi SmarTag is a compact, easy-to-carry, battery-powered device that incorporates Pozi’s patented Ultra Wide Band technology. To suit various operations and environments, Bluetooth, RFID, or other technologies are also used when necessary.


The Pozi SmarTruck system provides real-time information on the position, activity, and status of forklifts and other material-handling vehicles involved in production and warehousing processes, namely: what's being transported, where it's coming from, and where it's going, etc. 


The Pozi SafeTruck provides advanced safety features for vehicles involved in production and storage processes: collision prediction and avoidance, speed limitation, automatic emergency braking; meanwhile it can simultaneously provide safety warnings to workers and pedestrians nearby.


The Pozi SmarTray system is a smart storage solution which integrates identification and positioning, making material handling processes transparent and open to optimization. Pozi SmarTray is applicable for intralogistics, warehousing, and order picking.


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