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We utilize all available identification and positioning technologies to perfectly match your workplace environment. Pozitech’s patented superlateration positioning algorithm and extendable multipurpose backbone infrastructure will power your efficiency


The Pozi SmarTrack industry-grade indoor positioning and identification system is an intelligent, versatile, intralogistics supertool that significantly increases the efficiency of any manufacturing operation or warehouse, while reducing costs and increasing operational safety.


The Pozi SmarTag is a compact, easy-to-carry, battery-powered device that incorporates Pozi’s patented Ultra Wide Band technology. To suit various operations and environments, Bluetooth, RFID, or other technologies are also used when necessary.


The Pozi SmarTruck system provides real-time information on the position, activity, and status of forklifts and other material-handling vehicles involved in production and warehousing processes, namely: what's being transported, where it's coming from, and where it's going, etc. 


The Pozi SafeTruck provides advanced safety features for vehicles involved in production and storage processes: collision prediction and avoidance, speed limitation, automatic emergency braking; meanwhile it can simultaneously provide safety warnings to workers and pedestrians nearby.


The Pozi SmarTray system is a smart storage solution which integrates identification and positioning, making material handling processes transparent and open to optimization. Pozi SmarTray is applicable for intralogistics, warehousing, and order picking.


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