Keep social distance. How does it apply to doorstep delivery?

Provide a contactless delivery experience; better protect your customers and staff by adding SafePOD to your logistics toolbox.

The SafePOD App

Introducing the contactless proof-of-delivery app. The core element of the service is the web-based SafePOD app, which provides a seamless, easy-to-use delivery confirmation experience for both the Recipient and the Courier.

SafePOD for the Recipient

The process starts with a unique confirmation link sent to the recipient's phone. When opening the link, SafePOD automatically identifies the package and initiates the confirmation process. In most of the cases, only a signature is required, and the whole delivery and confirmation process takes only a minute.

SafePOD for the Courier

Getting the proof-of-delivery has never been this easy. The courier only has to select the package and wait for the recipients to complete the confirmation steps on their own phone. If a recipient is not able to use SafePOD, the process can also be completed on the courier's device.

Contactless Delivery

SafePOD also supports fully contactless deliveries. Should the courier leave the package at the recipient's door? A photo of the drop-off serves as proof. The courier can also leave a note for the recipient in the SafePOD app. After the delivery, the recipient will receive a confirmation e-mail with the photo and the details.

Why SafePOD?

Enhancing your customer experience is now available with Pozitech's completed and tested application. With impressive integration capabilities we save you time and money in supporting your efforts to ensure safety.

SafePOD is developed for businesses and organizations making deliveries with all different levels of support systems and workflows, starting from entrepreneurs to large companies.


SafePOD gets the jitters out of touching an unknown pen, paper, device, or pad. Customers certify the delivery through Pozitech’s simple web application, which transforms their own smartphone into a signature pad. SafePOD deals with all other conventional electronic means of delivery like codes or taking a photo. Every successful delivery or reason for failure to do so is tracked in real-time.


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