Autonomous module to Pozi’s SmarTruck platform for Environmental, Health and Safety protection.

Pozi SafeTruck provides advanced safety features for vehicles involved in production and storage processes: collision prediction and avoidance, speed limitation, automatic emergency braking; meanwhile it can simultaneously provide safety warnings to workers and pedestrians nearby.


  • Accident and Collision Prediction and Avoidance: Instant light and sound warning of moving vehicles for pedestrians in dangerous proximity.
  • Warning to drivers when approaching designated hazardous and restricted areas.
  • Forklift approach warning (light and sound) for pedestrians at intersections, passageways and gates.
  • Parameterizable two-level warnings: yellow, red - depending on distance
  • Adaptive sensitivity based on direction and speed of vehicle and pedestrian movement.
  • Optional integration and intervention in vehicle control: total battery drain prevention, speed limitation in designated safety zones, or even emergency braking of the vehicle when necessary (eg. in the absence of a response).
  • Can be implemented either as a stand-alone system (with no installed positioning infrastructure) or as a component of the Pozi SmarTruck platform.


Pozi SafeRadar

The UWB-based positioning and proximity sensor is installed on the Pozi SafeRadar truck. SafeRadar is able to detect and signal the proximity of other vehicles and Pozi SafeTag devices, peer-to-peer (employees, objects or designated zones), with accuracy within one meter.

Pozi ConnectBox

The light and sound alarm of the ConnectBox control unit installed on the truck will alert the operator whenever any emergency is anticipated. With the full integration of ConnectBox, the system can also limit speed or stop the vehicle if necessary, in addition to issuing warnings.

Pozi SafeTag

Vehicles equipped with the SafeTruck system detect the proximity of any SafeTag device in their proximity. SafeTags can also be used to mark zones and objects or identify pedestrians. The compact, easy-to-carry battery-powered device has an active, UWB-based, peer-to-peer connection with nearby SafeTruck vehicles and is able to emit light and sound warnings. The SafeTag can be connected to various smartwatch types via Bluetooth. Safety alerts are then received through the smartwatch notification system on the pedestrians’ wrist. Battery status of the SafeTag can also be displayed.

SafeTag Charger

The built-in rechargeable battery of the portable SafeTag devices provides autonomous operation for several days. The devices can then be charged at the dedicated 12-position induction charging stations. Optionally, stations can also optionally be provided with access card identification, so that SafeTags can be assigned to specific employees if required.

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