Pozi SmarTag is a unique set of multi-technology identification and / or positioning tags to allow flexible implementation in various manufacturing conditions.

The SmarTag is a compact, easy-to-carry battery-powered device that incorporates Pozi’s patented UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology. To suit various operations and environments, BLE (Bluetooth), RFID, or other technologies are also used when needed.

Software modules

The complex software ecosystem of Pozi SmarTrack provides monitoring, inventory record-keeping and work-logging functions to support the entire production process. The Pozi system can be connected to any ERP, MES, or WMS solution.

Pozi Tracking 

The Pozi Tracking module provides a map view, displaying a live overview of every tracked object’s location and status. A detailed history is also available that shows timely records of previous locations, means of moving data, and all movements on a spaghetti diagram.

Pozi Inventory

The Pozi Inventory module keeps an up-to-date, location-aware materials register that is searchable by items, container, or location data. The Shop Audit feature makes stock-taking fast, accurate, and efficient.


Tracking and Tracing

SmarTags identify and accurately track the position and movement of all objects in various environments, in real-time: single parts, segments, equipment, containers, or people. High-precision positioning is made possible by Pozi's SmarTrack industry-grade indoor positioning platform.


Access Control

SmarTags can be assigned to specific employees, providing extensive authorization and access control features. With the optional embedded RFID or NFC chip, SmarTags can double as generic access cards, as they are compatible with most of the Access Control Systems in the market.

Social distancing

SmarTags can help workers maintain a safe distance without any distractions. The device draws a virtual Safe Zone around the wearer, and sends light, sound or vibrating warnings when another SmarTag comes too close. Also, contacts can be traced by using the SmarTrack infrastructure or connecting the SmarTag to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Pick by Light and Sound

With the optional integrated LED lights and buzzers, SmarTags can easily attract attention, enabling a fast and error-free method for picking the right items from a storage shelf. The picking process can be initiated from the Inventory module or the Terminal.

Wireless charging

The built-in, rechargeable battery of the portable SafeTag devices provides autonomous operation for several days. The devices can then be charged at the given 12-position induction charging stations. As an option, stations can also have an access card identification feature, so that SafeTags can be assigned to specific employees if required.

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