The Pozi SmarTrack industry-grade indoor positioning and identification system is an intelligent, versatile intralogistics supertool that significantly increases the efficiency of any manufacturing operation or warehouse, while reducing costs and increasing operational safety.

Pozi automatically gathers detailed real-time tracking information about the position and movement of all items in the production process - from raw materials to finished product. This data identifies and eliminates a significant portion of lean waste, while allowing more comprehensive planning, analysis, and control of production.

Software ecosystem

The complex software ecosystem of Pozi SmarTrack provides monitoring, inventory record-keeping, and work-logging functions to support the entire production process. The Pozi system can be connected to any ERP, MES or WMS solution.

Pozi Tracking

The Pozi Tracking module provides a map view, displaying a live overview of every tracked object’s location and status. A detailed history is also available, that shows timely records of previous locations, means of moving data, and all movements on a spaghetti diagram.

Pozi Resources

The Pozi Resources module presents the collected data in an easy-to-understand and analyzable format for every tracked vehicle, person, or piece of equipment. The dashboard feature provides an overview of all activities, while current and detailed operative statistics can be obtained for any custom period from the work-log.

Pozi Terminal

The Pozi Terminal is a touch controlled, user-friendly device developed especially for machinery or vehicle operators. The easy-to-use, ergonomic user interface helps to focus on the work itself by providing only currently relevant information and requiring minimal interaction.

Positioning infrastructure

Our multi-technology IoT platform consists of hardware, interfaces and proprietary algorithms, along with M2M communication and environmental data. Indoor positioning is made possible by a positioning infrastructure installed in your facility that incorporates Pozi’s patented UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology. To suit various operations and environments, BLE (Bluetooth), RFID, or other technologies are also used when necessary.


The Pozi SmarTrack platform provides the backbone for Pozitech's innovative positioning-based solutions:

  • Track and trace any kind of objects with the SmarTag positioning device: products, parts, containers, supplies, equipment, or people.
  • Monitor product-handling processes and manage the forklift fleet with the SmarTruck system.
  • Ensure workplace environmental health & safety, prevent accidents, and avoid collisions between vehicles and pedestrians with SafeTruck.
  • The SafeTag feature helps your workers practice social distancing, and also can provide contact tracing if necessary.


The SmarTrack network and architecture is a modular system with a hierarchical topology that supports hybrid infrastructure based on different positioning and measurement technologies.


The positioning system is designed to utilize various moving, tracked SmarTags, and hardwired tracker hardware (Anchors) controlled by Sector Masters which then connect to a Gateway. Due to this hierarchical topology, the system is highly scalable for even the largest factory floors. Our hard-wired set up divides a factory into loops with each loops, containing 64 anchors, covering approx. 1200 m2 or 7.200 m3. Each loop can track up to 5.000 simultaneously moving items. This architecture allows virtually unlimited scaling in terms of covered area - the number of tracked items is in the tens of thousands range.


Asset-heavy industries are often slow adopters of new technologies in order to minimize the risk of production downtime. The SmarTrack can be implemented with no or minimal disruption in the production process - thus adoption is easy and requires minimal interior resources from the manufacturer. (It may also empower slow adopters to confide in other aspects of digitalization!)

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