The Pozi SmarTray system is a smart storage solution which integrates identification and positioning, making material handling processes transparent and open to optimization. Pozi SmarTray is applicable to intralogistics, warehousing, and commissioning.

SmarTray containers provide real-time position and payload data to the Pozi system. Goods or parts are accurately traced without being monitored individually but rather by following the tray that carries them. The Pozi system continuously gives up-to-date information on any uniquely handled item’s position.

Deployment of the SmarTray system has a proven record of accuracy, efficiency, and warehouse space utilization improvements.

Software modules

Pozi offers a sophisticated, modular software ecosystem able to monitor the entire production process, the stock register, and carry out worklog-keeping tasks as well when augmented with the ready-made optional features at request. The Pozi system interconnects with any ERP, MES, or WMS solution on the market.

Pozi Tracking & Inventory


The Tracking module provides a map view giving a live overview of every tray’s location - and thereby of every item’s location. A detailed handling history is also available, showing timely records of previous storing locations, means of moving, and handling personnel data. The Inventory module keeps an up-to-date, location-aware materials register that is searchable by tray, goods, or location data. The Shop Audit feature makes stock-taking fast, accurate, and efficient.

Pozi SmarTray Terminal


Handling the inward and outward register of goods carried by a tray takes only seconds on the touch controlled, user-friendly SmarTray Terminal; in the same way, changing and emptying trays or checking the contents of one is also a simple maneuver. A wireless handheld reader helps fast identification of trays or goods, that can optionally board RFID or NFC abilities as well.


  • Integrated positioning unit with UWB, Bluetooth or GPS technology or combination of these
  • Identification and tagging with unique QR-code or optional NFC/RFID based technology
  • Remote-operated light and sound signaling feature to quickly identify and select the proper tray
  • Energy saving operations, impact and drop detection by the built-in motion sensor
  • Optional additional sensors that record and transmit payload relevant environmental variables, like temperature, humidity, pressure values
  • Optional integrated scale to ensure the proper amount of goods with an automatic alarm function triggered by discrepancies

Wireless operation, convenient charging

The SmarTray features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides energy for months of autonomous operation after a single charge. A standard pallet-sized charging station, constructed securely, holds up to 48 trays in a stack. Charging is cable-free as the lower trays connect the overhead one to the station.

An optional high capacity battery add-on to the charging station allows the establishment of a temporary charging stance. Adding a scale in addition to the charging station turns it into a weight checking point while charging goes on.


12 sizes, customizable interior structure, limitless combinations

The SmarTray is available in 12 sizes, but it can be customized to any measurement, shape, and interior partitioning upon request. The system can address a tray’s individual partitions separately; therefore, a single tray can carry even a dozen of different parts supporting assembly work or commissioning.

The light, stable, and durable trays are made of EPP, with convenient handles, and crabbing profiles for secure stacking. Upon request, existing containers can be improved with smart features by building in the standalone SmarTray module.

What is in the box? It’s written on it!

With the optional display, the SmarTray lists its actual content. The content displayed is freely and dynamically customizable: identification, weight, expiration date, or even the manufacturer’s logo can be shown. The high-resolution, e-ink can continuously display anything.

Each tray is marked with a unique ID, a QR-code and an optional embedded NFC / RFID tag. When this data is scanned with the handheld reader, the same personalized information shows up on the paired Pozi Terminal, even if the tray is not equipped with a display.

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