The Pozi SmarTruck system provides real-time information on the position, activity and status of forklifts and other material-handling vehicles involved in production and warehousing processes. Key reported information includes the following: data on the operator, what is transported, where it is coming from and where it is going, etc. 

The system makes product-handling processes transparent and allows for the analysis thereof. Moreover, it facilitates routes optimization and improves the capacity utilization of vehicles, thereby reducing operative costs and improving logistics performance and accuracy.

Software modules

The modular construction of the Pozi SmarTruck system allows the partial or combined implementation of various functions, adaptable to customers’ individual needs and established work processes.

Along with optionally available additional modules, the complex software ecosystem of Pozi can also provide monitoring, inventory record-keeping, and work-logging functions to support the full production process. The Pozi system can be connected to any ERP, MES, or WMS solution.

Pozi Tracking module


The Pozi Tracking module presents the data collected by the SmarTruck system in an easy-to-understand and analyzable format. The map displays real-time tracking of all product-handling activities, while actual routes and detailed operative statistics can be obtained for any set period from the work-log.

Pozi Fleet Control module


The Pozi Fleet Control module allows the regulation of various fleet operations; through advanced user management it can establish and handle any unique set of rules for given vehicles, sites, or loads (e.g. access, speed, prohibited zones). Instant notifications may also be requested on any incidents (e.g. crashes, exceeding the speed limit, unauthorized entry).

Pozi Terminal

The touch-screen onboard terminal is installed on the forklift dashboard. The interface has been specifically designed with an easy-to-use, ergonomic layout; it requires minimal interaction with the operator and shows only currently relevant information at any given time.


Forklift tracking

Pozi provides automatic, real-time tracking of forklifts equipped with the SmarTruck system both outdoors (using GPS) or indoors (using UWB or Bluetooth-based infrastructure patented by Pozi). The current position, speed, and travelled route of the forklifts can be monitored in the map-view of the Pozi Tracking module. In addition, all movements are logged and subsequently displayed in a spaghetti diagram or in daily / weekly / monthly breakdown with added statistics.


Forklift control

The Pozi ConnectBox device connects directly to the forklift via CAN-bus, while the Pozi Tracking module – based on current (speed, charge-level, etc.) and operative (hours of operation, error warnings, etc.) data – provides detailed statistics to help monitor and operate the forklift fleet. The module is also equipped with advanced safety functions: it indicates maintenance needs in due time, prevents battery draining, detects potential collision situations, and can decelerate or stop a forklift when in a certain designated zone, or when in the vicinity of other vehicles or employees.

Identification of goods

Pozi SmarTruck identifies the goods transported on the fork using RFID, QR / barcodes, or Bluetooth tags. The data of goods or the content of containers can be seen on the onboard terminal and in the Pozi Tracking module. The Pozi Tracking module registers all product movements, thus enabling supervision of objects without active positioning. Upon the unloading of the goods from the fork, the system automatically assigns the unloading position as the last known location.

Operator identification

After identifying the operator, Pozi SmarTruck allows for personalized operation and task assignment, as well as detailed logging: information is available on all tasks such as who carried what out, when, and where. Identification can be performed in various ways: using a code, an access card or an ID tag. The forklift can only be started and operated after successful identification, and in accordance with the authorization level of the given operator. Authorization levels can be set separately for each employee in the Pozi Fleet Control module: which equipment types can be operated, accessible zones, usage time, as well as maximum speed restrictions.

Task management

The task management module of Pozi SmarTruck provides assistance in the assignment and super- vision of product-handling tasks. Pending tasks are displayed on the forklift’s onboard terminal, in either a preset order or optimized based on location. In addition to providing instructions, the terminal also assists the operator in more precise work performance by indicating if the wrong goods were loaded or if a delivery was made to an incorrect location. The performance of tasks is automatically recorded and can be traced back at any point according to the forklift, operator, or goods.


The navigation module that supplements the task management function of Pozi SmarTruck supports precise completion of product-handling tasks similarly to vehicle “turn-by-turn” navigation systems. First, the onboard terminal navigates the operator to the location of the goods to be loaded, and then to the designated unloading area of those loaded goods. If no destination is set, the system is able to automatically assign a free warehouse location to unload. The route is planned in accordance with the unique features of the site (Kanban circles, designated routes). The module can be particularly useful for new workers who are not familiar with the operational site.

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