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The aim of the Agro-Monitoring Platform is to provide an open tech toolkit that 

  • functioning as a dataconnector to the existing, manufacturer-specific industry solutions (precision agriculture),
  • can provide the necessary functions required to data-driven decision making, 
  • independent of manufacturers of different resources, but based on special needs agri-business
  • can supply special professional decision support systems with real-time and automatically generated data
  • functionally can be flexibly expanded according to upcoming needs
  • highly scalable functionally and expandable step by step Agro-Monitoring Platform makes available the digital transformation of large agricultural operations from field cultivation to livestock farms, from the use of input materials to the inventory of the harvested product, from monitoring the use and operation of machine resources to working time administration. 

The Agro-Monitoring Platform is the digital data source to built on it can be provided the information necessary for the data-driven and at the same time holistic management of an agricultural operation.

The Agro-Monitoring Platform provides real-time information on the status and utilization of the farm’s essential resources, while providing a unified data collection and processing function that creates data flow between different professional and production systems by minimizing manual data entry. Agro-Monitoring Platform manages all relevant type of the agricultural operation resources creating real-time, highly detailed digital data sources: 

  • The entire machine fleet can be track&traced independently of the manufacturer in a single system
  • The actual utilization and performance indicators can be determined for any element of the machine park (working hours, operating hours, ratio of active work/travel, size of cultivated area)
  • Automatic working time and performance indicators can be created to measure the use of human resources
  • The use of input materials and fuel consumption can be tracked through automated on site process monitoring, counting and weighing include monitoring of harvesting.
  • The collection of environmental data supports daily operational decision-making and enables agro-economic modeling, which can be used to optimize the rate and efficiency of input material (pesticides, fertilizer etc.) usage
  • Time consumption of on-site tasks can be measured, productivity and expenditure indicators can be calculated
  • The system provides natural data on the use of all essential resources related to production, which provides reliable input data for the professional systems and ERP systems applied as desired.
  • Professional systems and data sources supplied by third parties can be connected to the databases created in the system as needed. Platform can function as a central IoT platform for digital data collection, processing and distribution.

Benefits Agro-Monitoring Platform use technical solutions allows the automtic data collection:, there is no need for manual data entry, so the data is transparent, reliable and available in real time.

The data collection functions of the Platform can be installed independent of the manufacturer, no need for end-point integration. We can provide the offered functions for the entire resource mix, from the green worker, to the office worker, from the latest tractor, to the oldest trailer, from the fields operation, to the warehouses. 

The data generated in the Agro-Monitoring Platform becomes the property of the customers, there are no hidden costs or access fees. 

Machine resource tracking
Real-time status information • Cultivated area, area specific performance indicators• Real time and seasonal utilization indicator, operating hours register • Fuel consumption register • Compliance with operating speed regulations by tasks • Operational reports (type, machines, areas) • Alerts (email, SMS) 

Human resources tracking, working time records
Automatic recording of working hours of machine operators • Green worker tracking • On-site and back-office task management and automated working time records 

Input material and finished product inventory management
Spraying and pesticide management • Fuel purchase and consumption • Crop harvest tracking and place of origin recording • Order management 

On-site process monitoring
Machinery and tractor maintenance • Weighing (Digital scale integrátion) • Fuel station management • Sprayer supply management 

Health caring professional management
Monitoring compliance with professional protocols (visits, patient trips, examinations, care tasks, dispensing of medicines, etc.) Transparent working time accounting Possibility of location-based access services: More efficient administration Transparent patient register, tracking of actual patient movements A safer workplace

Open digital IoT platform
Integration of external data sources, uniform digital data management • Data transfer to professional systems and ERP

Platform Components

EMS – Environment Monitoring Station

The most important resource of the farm is the land and the precise knowledge of current condition on the land is crucial both for operational efficiency and productivity. Some cases the global wheater reports and forecast not provide well detailed, localized data for sound decision making.

The EMS is an autonomous environmental monitoring station that can be placed on the fields for the simultaneous monitoring of a number of environmental parameters: 

  • Precipitation amount
  • Wind strength and wind direction
  • Leaf wetness
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Global / UV radiation

EMS provides real-time and historical data that enables complex analyzes. With the help of the data, we can create agroecological models for each variety, recording the essential phenological phases, providing disease risk analysis models, and yield estimation models. 

Real-time and reliable data helps to organize cultivation. For example, it can be determined from a distance whether the conditions are suitable for the given task (soil moisture, wind conditions), and the expected effectiveness of the cultivation task can be determined (rain after spraying). 

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The SmarTractor solution is a modular device that provides versatile global positioning, consisting of a central unit and hardware extensions that can be installed on any agricultural machine.

The central unit determines the position of the machine with an accuracy of one meter based on global positioning systems. The data collected by the positioning and connected modules is transferred to the Cloud via 2G/3G/4G, LoRa or NarrowBand IoT connection as needed.

We can connect hardware modules providing different functions to the central unit, such as:

  • BLE-based automatic machine recognition: Identifies the machines attached to the tractor allows to determine the type of task currently being performed.
  • BLE-based automatic machine operator recognition: Automatically identifies the vehicle driver using a wearable BLE identifier.
  • Analogue fuel level meter connection: For any tractor, it can measure the current fuel level, generating an alarm if the fuel level suddenly drops.
  • CANBUS/ISOBUS adapter: If available, the data stored in the on-board computer can be read out and transferred to the Cloud using the extension.
  • RTK extension: Provides high-precision position information if needed.
  • Sprayer module: By installing flowmeters on the sprayer, we determine the amount of pesticide applied to the given area.
  • SmarTrace capability: For mixed indoor use

Using SmarTractor data, we provide complex information about the use of resources: 

  • Power machine and work machine utilization data
  • Calculation of cultivated area
  • Route display
  • Task execution data
  • Alarm when cultivating an unregistered area
  • Hours of operation, consumption and usage of spraying
  • Inspection of compliance with speed regulations related to different cultivation tasks or machines
  • Driver identification and access restriction
  • CANBUS/ISOBUS data display

The SmarTractor system is also suitable for tracking the power machines used on the site, for example in livestock areas. 

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The SmarTrace solution ensures the tracking of presence and movement within the premises or sites, be it machines, people or even animals. From the SmarTrace product family, we primarily recommend our BLE-based solution, which can be used to track movement and presence within the premises with a simple BLE SmarTagg device. The solution can already be applied at the time of entry, and then we create commercially relevant information by dividing the site into sectors based on the required installation density. These may include: 

  • Time spent on work can be assigned to a location based on attendance
  • Full-time measurement based on attendance
  • Follow-up of on-site tasks for machines (Maintenance, tooling, purchase of fuel and other input materials, etc.)

 The BLE-based SmarTagg can work for several months on a single charge. 

SmarTagg GPS

In some branches of cultivation, such as fruit and vegetable growing or especially viticulture, manual work is still typical today. The tool for tracking green workers is SmarTagg GPS, which provides satellite tracking.


The SmarTruck system is a solution that can be installed on forklifts and other on-site material handling devices, with the help of which the registration of grouped and individually identified goods can be automated. The system can be combined with an RFID reader, which can identify bulk goods with RFID tags placed on the fork during material handling and determine the storage location using the indoor positioning system. The solution is excellent for special agricultural plants, such as seed production, where it is necessary to be able to register completely identical product types and to serve orders from Big Bags. The system can also be made suitable for issuing input materials in block packaging. 

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Add On

Bridge scale integration:  The on-site weighbridge is involved in the application of input materials and the harvesting of crops. When integrated into the system, the basic data of the scale can be uploaded automatically. The system automatically identifies the engine and trailer driving the weighbridge. From the previous data, it can even be determined automatically that it is carrying out a delivery or delivery task, so it can be determined whether an empty or full weighing is taking place. The self-weight of the incoming or outgoing material can be automatically calculated and transferred. 

Fuel station integration: It is common for the farm to have its own fueling station. Automatic internal administration of this can be done with this integration

Most of the technologies used in the solutions of the Healthcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform Laundry Management Platform are the intellectual property of Pozi Technologies.

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