Stock Distribution Box

What is Pozi.tech
Stock Distribution Box ?

Pozi SDB’s solution is an automatic storage, issuing and collection system, which can manage large-scale stock management tasks requiring quality assurance and personal identification with the help of automatic unique radio frequency identification. The cabinets are made according to industry standards, using high-quality raw materials with a high standard of manufacturing. The steel structure is robust and vandal-proof, and its surface can be painted or stickered according to the customer’s needs and image. The central unit equipped with a user terminal can be supplemented with any number of issuing and collecting units. The units can even be produced in individual sizes.



  • The distribution of compartments for the dispenser units can be adjusted according to the specific area of use: a denser distribution is recommended for the clothing, while different sized compartments for handling packages.
  • The stock in the compartments equipped with an integrated RFID reader antenna can be checked continuously and remotely, and the removed products can be accounted real time for in batches .
  • The cabinet logs all activities, and being integrated with the company system makes the entire process transparent and optimisable.
  • The cabinets are connected online to the central server, the data is available through the management system, even for the entire serviced infrastructure.
  • A scale can also be built into the bottom of the shelves, which enables continuous control of the total weight of the stock and thus the current saturation of the shelf.
  • The use of heat-insulated or refrigerated shelves is a solution for handling heat-sensitive goods. The temperature can be monitored and controlled remotely.
  • In the case of retail applications, the compartments can be lit from the inside and equipped with transparent Plexiglas doors, so the cabinets also function as showcases.
  • In the case of outdoor placement, the cabinets can also be produced in a weatherproof design, with insulated doors and electronics.
  • The cabinets can be equipped with industrial cameras, which record possible unauthorized access and vandalism attempts.

The solution consists of three main functional elements:


Dispenser cabinet

  • Multi-compartment cabinet system
  • Each shelf/compartment door can be opened individually and controlled.
  • There is a separate RFID antenna in each compartment
  • RFID tags identifying objects placed in compartments can be read separately for each compartment without “reading trough”, so their contents can be read separately for each compartment.
  • Access to individual compartments can be managed remotely (e.g. from a terminal cabinet).
  • The default version cabinets contain 16 compartments. The allocation of compartments can be modified, but may require individual development
  • A group of cabinets can contain a maximum of 24 dispenser units
  • A custom-sized cabinet can be designed, but it can require development
  • Stock replenishment is done through a formalized process


Terminal cabinet

  • Contains the elements necessary to implement user interactions
  • Standard equipment: the touch-screen terminal, card-based personal identification unit.
  • Additional options: Printer, QR and barcode reader
  • Design combined with a Collector cabinet functions


Collector Cabinet

  • A cabinet unit is responsible for taking back the stock, especially in circular stock management
  • Basic version optimized for collecting textiles
  • Built-in RFID reader
  • Customizable operation (requires individual development)
  • A group of cabinets can contain a maximum of 24 collector units
  • A custom-sized cabinet can be designed, but it requires development


The Pozi.tech SDB system can be made a part of any Pozi.tech sector platform, in which the goal is to support the operation of large scale, multi-user inventory management, especially operations that manage circulating inventory. Accordingly, the solution is available within the framework of the following platforms:

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