What is SmarTray ?

The Pozi.tech SmarTray™ system is a smart storage solution integrating identification and positioning. Backed by the SmarTrace positioning infrastructure, it makes material handling processes transparent and open to optimization.

SmarTray containers provide real-time position and payload data to the Pozi system. Goods or parts are accurately traced without being monitored individually but by following the tray that carries them. Pozi system gives up to date information on any unique handled item’s position all the time.

The SmarTray solution can be used for existing storage systems, but the services are best utilized using integrated SmarTray containers.


SmarTray Essentials

  • Identification: Individual items can be individually identified even on one storage unit with different technologies (Bar Code, QR Code, RFID tag, BLE tag, UWB tag)
  • Assignment: The units and goods placed in the storage can be easily assigned to the container with the help of a bar code terminal, and the assignment can be canceled when the item is removed
  • Alerts: Configurable email/SMS alerts for various events concerning containers
  • Analytics: Advanced data management and visualization, statistical, analytical and reporting system


SmarTray Esentials Plus

  • Pick by Light/Pick by Sound: The storage units can be addressed remotely via the network, they help to find them easier with light and sound signals.
  • Integrated charging: Continuous charging of the trays is ensured with the help of the charging station. We provide a wireless charging station for existing storage systems.
  • Presence detection: By installing cost-effective BLE capabilities, all containers in the given warehouse area can be automatically traced.

Wireless operation, convenient charging

The SmarTray™ features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides energy for months of autonomous operation on a single charge.
A standard pallet sized charging station in a rugged and stable construction holds up to 48 trays in a stack. The charging goes cable-free as the lower trays connect the overhead one to the station.
An optional high capacity battery add-on to the charging station allows establishing a temporary charging stance. Adding a scale in addition to the charging station turns it into a weight checking point while charging goes on.


Positioning Extension

  • Continuous, automatic tracking of containers physical position with presence detection or coordinate mindoor positioning
  • Presence detection: proximity positioning with UWB / BLE / WiFi technology
  • Coordinate-level indoor positioning with UWB technology using a built-in infrastructure
  • All movements are continuously logged, current position and route traveled can be tracked on a map

Prerequisites & Opportunities

  • Indoor container tracking with SmarTrace indoor positioning infrastructure
  • Management of RTLS services in the PoziCAD applicatio



    • The SmarTray™ is available in 12 sizes, but it can gain any size, shape, and interior partitioning upon request.
    • The system can address a tray’s each partition separately; therefore, a single tray can carry even a dozen of different parts supporting assembly work or commissioning.
    • The light, stable, and durable trays are made of EPP, with comfortable carrying handles, and crabbing profiles for secure stacking.

    Upon special request, by building in the standalone SmarTray™ module, existing containers can gain smart features.


    Task management

    • Allocation and control of various material handling tasks
    • Manual or automatic task assignment directly from the ERP / WMS system, the list of waiting picking and storaging tasks displayed on the terminal
    • Demand-driven task assignment via pushbutton unit: clear and traceable fulfillment

    Prerequisites & Opportunities:

    • Customization of software
    • Specific software for costumers by SSDev (Sponsored Software Development) services



    • Interfaces: Data transmission to/from any common external ERP / WMS system
    • RFID: Can be applied combined with Pozi.tech ITS solutions


    Connected Supply Chain

    • A solution can be applied along entire supply chains, if the system is applied at all levels of the supply chain. With the help of the Connected Supply Chain structure, supply chain management can be built on real-time data in the entire supply chain.
    • Pozi allows companies to extend their control of processes beyond their own boundaries, providing automated real-time process moni­toring throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material all the way to the customer.


    The Pozi.tech SmarTray system can be made part of any Pozi.tech sector platform in which the support of logistics operations is the goal, accordingly the solution is available in the following platforms:

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