What is SmarTrolley ?

The Pozi.tech SmarTrolley solution is developed to support tasks related to trolleys, roll carts used in service and production logistics. The system uniquely identifies and position the trolleys, and the goods placed on them. The trolleys can be easily determined either in the warehouses or on the transport equipment. SmarTrolley solution makes possible to register in real time where the individual trolleys are located and what goods and parts are currently on them. With the help of the system:

  • ensure that the trolleys transporting the goods are loaded onto the appropriate vehicle
  • ensure that all trolleys arrive at the correct destination and that all empty trolleys are returned.
  • the trolley fleet can be continuously registered
  • it becomes easier to compile the appropriate flights, whether it is a delivery task or milkruns.

The Pozi.tech SmarTrolley solution can be ordered in versions providing different levels of functional services, each version can be efficiently upgraded:

SmarTrolley RFID

  • Identification of trolleys with RFID tags
  • Assignment with RFID readers
  • Active presence detection in transport vehicles

SmarTrolley BLE

  • Identification of trolleys with BLE tags
  • Active presence detection on site and in transport vehicles
  • Pick by Light and Pick by Sound functions

SmarTrolley UWB

  • Identification of trolleys with UWB tags
  • Positioning with an accuracy of less than a meter on the site and presence detection in transport vehicles
  • Pick by Light and Pick by Sound functions

SmarTrolley Active Inventory

  • Automatic identification of the goods placed on the trolley with RFID tags


SmarTrolley Essentials

  • Identification: Automatic identification of trolleys with RFID, BLE or UWB technologies, or any combination of them
  • Assaignment: Allocation of goods placed on trolleys with a fixed RFID reader or manual terminal. The system can be combined with Pozi.tech ITS solutions. In the case of the SmarTrolley Active Inventory version, the assignment is automatic.
  • Alerts: Configurable email/SMS alerts for various events concerning trolleys (E.g.: Missing trolley at the departure of deilvery, trolley left at the address, etc.)
  • Analytics: Advanced data management and visualization, statistical, analytical and reporting system


SmarTrolley Essentials Plus

  • Pick by Light/Pick by Sound: The trolleys can be addressed remotely via the network, they help to find them easier with light and sound signals. A function available in SmarTrolley BLE and UWB versions.
  • Presence detection in the warehouse: By installing cost-effective BLE capabilities, all trolleys in the given warehouse area can be automatically checked. A function available in SmarTrolley BLE and UWB versions.
  • Presence detection in the cargo space: Automatic, real-time identification of the trolleys placed in the cargo space of the transport vehicle


Positioning Extension

  • Coordinate-level indoor positioning with UWB technology using a built-in infrastructure
  • All movements are continuously logged, current position and route traveled can be tracked on a map

Prerequisites & Opportunities

  • Indoor container tracking with SmarTrace indoor positioning infrastructure
  • Management of RTLS services in the PoziCAD application


Product and goods identification extension

  • Automatic identification of goods with RFID tags on trolleys

Prerequisites & Opportunities:

  • Its applicability depends on the conditions of the goods being handled
  • It requires a power supply, so the design can be a limitation
  • Can be used in operations where all handled goods are identified with an RFID tag
  • Requires individual planning and design (Customization service)


Process tracking

  • Follow-up of order compilation and delivery tasks
  • Assignment of tasks manually or automatically directly from the ERP / WMS system, the list of pick-up and storage tasks can be seen on the terminal
  • Automatic quality assurance of loading tasks according to flight plans

Prerequisites & Opportunities

  • Customization of software solutions
  • Software system developed for individual needs within the SSDev (Sponsored Software Development) service
  • Flight planning, flight optimization



  • Interfaces: Data transmission to/from any common external ERP / WMS system
  • RFID: Can be applied combined with Pozi.tech ITS solutions


Connected Supply Chain

  • A solution can be applied along entire supply chains, if the system is applied at all levels of the supply chain. With the help of the Connected Supply Chain structure, supply chain management can be built on real-time data in the entire supply chain.
  • Pozi allows companies to extend their control of processes beyond their own boundaries, providing automated real-time process moni­toring throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material all the way to the customer.


The Pozi.tech SmarTrolley system can be made part of any Pozi.tech sector platform in which the support of logistics operations is the goal, accordingly the solution is available in the following platforms:

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