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We have products as a raw material, we have solutions as brick of large structures, we have specified platforms for sectors of economy. Our aim is to make possible to change to digital step by step, creating value with every move forward.

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Pozi.tech sector specific platforms

After a decade of R&D, Solution development we realized the potential of our technology is endless. The challenge is no longer if its possible. The challenge is to find the ways the feasible and profitable application of technology to reach the so called Digital Transformation. We realized the right way is to create the path of transformation that allows to introduce technology step by step. We realized the right way is the close cooperation and the iterative approach. The technology and the method is available, so we have to find the way to communicate, to understand each other.

Our idea

  • We set up platforms to show our clints the promise.
  • We define solutions as a components of platforms that determine the specific way of application of technology elements (our products)
  • We develop products that can be easily customize technology to the needs

Our approach provide our clients the opportunities, and the road to reach them and makes possible to provide well tailored solution as sources of value.

The same set of solutions applied different ways for different sectors, and provide sector specific benefits.

    Pozi.tech solutions

    Solutions are the combination of hardware, firmware and backend software integrated to realize a specific aim. We  defined main group of solutions according to major feature from the triplet of positioning, identification or sensory.

    Pozi ETS

    Environment Track Solutions


    EVS – Environment Monitoring Station

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