More, than RTLS. Much, much more!

Productivity in manufacturing, efficiency in logistics, safety in workplaces: all valid and important problems that can be cracked by answering a fundamental question: “What is where?” Possibly automatically, and in real time.

This is the landscape of RTLS: Real-Time Location Systems identify (“what?”) and locate (“where?”) everything involved in a production logistics or warehousing process. This includes parts, containers, equipment, or even people. In a nutshell: RTLS provides the capability to monitor real-life activities in various settings.

But RTLS should be so much more! Besides "What is where", there are a ton of important questions that needs to be addressed in order to run operations efficiently and safely. That’s why Pozitech defines a whole new level of RTLS - two new levels, actually:

Content Rich RTLS collect data from various sources to enrich the location data of tracked objects with essential information.

Contextual RTLS multiply the value of this information by interpreting it in various contexts: the environment, other processes, or the entire operation.


200+ years of development in all fields of RTLS means

  • utmost transparency
  • identified waste
  • eliminated losses

on entirely new levels.

With Pozitech you can

  • monitor activities
  • plan processes
  • drive events

based not on assumptions, but on measured facts, content and context!

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