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Table/Gate Healthcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform

The purpose of the Pozi Healthcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform is to provide a digital data collection toolkit:

  • for the purposeful and efficient use of human and material resources of healthcare
  • to support distribution, registration of assets and stocks
  • to facilitate safety and management tasks
  • for the quality implementation of additional services that ensure the basic conditions of hospital operation
  • to verify adherence to healthcare and operational protocols.


The subject of health care is human life and quality of human life, therefore there is no country or society in the world that does not consider health care to be underfunded. That is why it is extremely important to use the available financial and human resources efficiently, expediently and consciously. This can only be achieved if detailed, up-to-date and reliable data on the resources usage and  costs are available.


Due to the complexity of the healthcare system, decision-makers are forced to make compromises: from the triplets of minimizing the costs of data collection, the adequate detail and accuracy of data, and quick availability. They can typically only enforce two of the three at the same time. The Pozi Healthcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform offers a digital toolkit to provide accurate, detailed and reliable data with its automatic data collection tools in practically real time and for a fraction of the maintenance costs of a purely bureaucratic, human-centered administrative system.


The Heathcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform provides special advantages for all main actors in the healthcare systems:

Maintainer and financier 
More efficient work administration Transparent settlement with the hospitals, staff and service providers Control on protocols Transparent finance Transparent use of stock Reduced maintenance costs

Inventory management 
Automatic stock registration More efficient distribution processes Transparency in inventory use Minimizing abuses, purchasing and budgeting in line with real needs Quality assurance of inventory use

Asset management
Simpler device registration, continuous inventory Measurement of actual utilization Transparent liability issues Faster access, no time lost due to searching for devices Property security improves 

Service providers
Automatic settlement with colleagues and service providers• Transparent quality assurance • Automatic fulfillment certificate • Automatic overtime settlement 

Health caring professional management
Monitoring compliance with professional protocols (visits, patient trips, examinations, care tasks, dispensing of medicines, etc.) Transparent working time accounting Possibility of location-based access services: More efficient administration Transparent patient register, tracking of actual patient movements A safer workplace

Benefits for patients and visitors 
Higher quality patient care Safer hospitals 

Platform Components


The basic component of the Pozi Heathcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform is SmarTrace technology. It provides identification and indoor positioning capabilities with the application of basic technological tools such as RFOID, Bluetooth Low Energy or UWB technologies. 

SmarTrace RFID

  • Passive presence detection (The presence of tagged object checked by hand-held or installed readers) 
  • Low cost tags and infrastructure 
  • Real time data is not available

SmarTrace BLE 

  • Less accurate positioning, basically based on presence detection
  • SmarTagg BLE units are functional for several weeks or months with one charge
  • Any BLE capable mobile device (smartphone, PDA, Tablet, etc.) can be integrated into the system

SmarTrace UWB

  • High precision positioning (capable of indoor positioning below half a meter)
  • SmarTagg UWB with wireless charging typically allows a few days, a few weeks of use
  • Although the range of connectable smart devices is expanding, it is limited

The choice from available technology framework always depends on the usecases. SmarTrace RFID is perfect solution for inventory management for assets, and circulating stocks. SmarTrace UWB is perfect tool for precise track&trace of employees, patients or visitors, or emergency devicies. SmarTrace BLE a prefect choice for location based services. SmarTrace is multi-technology solution, the implementations always fits to the usecase, it is scalable and can be installed step by step.

By using the SmarTrace system, the data required during hospital care can be linked to a location (e.g.: during the visit, the current patient’s data is displayed on the doctor’s PDA next to the patient’s bed) and administration tasks may require staying at the given location. 


For various supporting activities, such as cleaning, textile and food distribution, typically trolleys are used. With the help of the SmarTrolley component, these carts and the prcecces involved can be traced. The basic postioning features can be excluded with identification of the objects packed on the trolleys. The identification can be active (typically we install an RFID reader on the trolley) or passive (we identify the delivered set before placing it on the trolley or when passing through the RFID gates). 

With the help of SmarTrolley, the stock distribution and service providing process becomes recognizable and controllable with a high level of detail. 

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SmarTray is an efficient tool for managing high value but small inventory. The SmarTray is a customizable storage system in which the SmarTagg (UWB/BLE) is already installed during production. It can be used universally, since the uniquely identified stored object can be assigned to the SmarTray device either manually, with a barcode, or with RFID identification. SmarTray devices can be addressed from a distance, and are capable of light and sound signals, so it is easy to find the item you are looking for even in the case of larger stored devices. 

The SmarTray system is suitable for the registered storage and quality-assured movement of various samples and medicines, but it is also suitable for the quality assurance of special tasks such as the individual diet in catering or the quality assurance of the distribution of medicine. 

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Stock Distribution Box

Pozi SDB is a family of dispenser and collector cabinets capable of automatic unique identification. With our patented solution separate RFID readers are installed in each containment of the dispenser cabinets, so controlled, limited access to individually identified products can be granted to users who identify themselves at the terminal cabinets. The system is suitable for the automatic implementation of inventory management tasks where handover and receipt are tied to personal identification. For example, in case of the issue of work clothes or the issue of medicine. With the help of SDB, items identified individually with a cheap RFID tag, are issued automatically, but with accurate identification, even including biometric identification. The software environment of the SDB system supports both issuance, withdrawal, and uploading processes. 

The Pozi SDB solution is suitable for the complete automation of workwear management, the automation and quality assurance of the medicine cabinet function, and the quality assurance of the handling of various laboratory samples. 

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Stock Counting Table/Gate

A useful accessory for stock management tasks is the system of counting tables and counting gates using RFID technology. Gates and tables offer an excellent solution for the continuous registration of stock in circulation. The sets are marked with cheap RFID tags and unique identification is done with scanners placed at the appropriate reference points of the circulation process. The purpose of the counting table is to provide assistance at the distribution points of the circular process for the implementation of semi-automatic stock distribution, which can be used to reduce the rate of incorrect issuance and return to almost zero. With the help of the system, the disappearance of objects involved in the cycle can be discovered in a short time. 

The system is excellent for stocking, for example, laboratory samples, medicines, flat textiles, work clothes, and portions intended for individual departments at meals. 

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Most of the technologies used in the solutions of the Healthcare Digital Inventory Management and Service Monitoring Platform Laundry Management Platform are the intellectual property of Pozi Technologies.

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