Pozi Technologies provides its customers with complex digitization solutions, the planning, implementation and maintenance of which are also complex tasks. Accordingly, our delivered systems are always made up of hardware, software elements, and installation and deployment services, we provide our customers with a complex range of services, from survey-related consulting to joint, large-scale research and development projects based on the sharing of results.


Deployment and maintenance

We typically install our systems by our own resources and operate them together with our technology partners. Pozi typically performs Level 3 operation for the delivered systems.


    Technology consulting

    The challenge of digitization is that most of the time we do not support an existing process with digital tools, but digital transformation also involves a change in the operating frameworks used and accustomed to. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that the opportunities offered by technology make certain tasks redundant, and certain tasks are automated or simplified. Digitization is also organizational development.

    On the other hand, the limitations of technology can also generate organizational, operational and process organization changes, in order to result a significantly higher added value than before.

    Recognizing that the effective introduction of our solutions is possible with a prepared and competent client and that value creation can only be maximized then, we have developed consulting competence in the key areas that is built into the sales process and independent of it



      Pozi.tech’s customization service has two main aspects: On the one hand, the functionality and operation of our delivered systems must be adapted to the needs of our customers, and on the other hand, Pozi.tech’s solutions are primarily based on wireless technologies, where the expected performance is adapted to the specifics of the given operating environment. It can also be ensured with customization not only BI, but at the technological level.


        Sponsored Software Development (SSDev)

        In most cases, the structure of Pozi.tech solutions consists of a hardware data collection system, data transmission systems and data processing systems. These layers provide the solid technological basis of Pozi.tech solutions. At the same time, the directions of use of the information generated as a result of digital data collection are very diverse. According to our experience, the company information systems introduced before digitization are only partially suitable for using the data from the systems supplied by Pozi.tech. The availability of software capabilities required for efficient use of data varies accordingly.

         The essence of the SSDev service is that it enables our customers to implement our systems integrated into the existing corporate IT software environment, while fully exploiting the potential value offered by digital devices.

         The content of the sponsored software development service is to create for our customers, based on individual specifications, those business software elements that are missing from the existing information system, but are necessary to maximize value creation. We talk about sponsored development because:

        • Our customers do not pay the entire development cost, but a specific part of it. The more specialized the demand, the higher this ratio is of course
        • Both the sponsor and Pozi acquire the disposal and further development rights over the developed software elements, i.e. our client gets proprietary software for a fraction of the development cost of an entire business software system, and we can channel the jointly created knowledge back into our continuous system development activities.



          Research and Development

          Digital transformation represents a new challenge for companies involved in the development and application of technology, because

          • Technology companies are aware of the possibilities and limitations of technology, but the condition for successful digitization is a deep understanding of the digitized business operations to be supported.
          • The users of the technology know exactly the potential sources of improving efficiency, but in the absence of knowledge of the technological limitations, they cannot take advantage of the technological opportunities.

          At Pozi, joint, iterative development with professional partners is the basis of the efficiency of technology development. High-quality, reliably functioning technological solutions are based on a deep understanding of the supported business problem, which creates the opportunity to create compromises that maximize value creation. Digitization is not only technology development, but also business development.

          Accordingly, our company is constantly looking for opportunities for research and development cooperation with the most diverse market players.